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November 23, 2009 / uebergeek

Reamweaver (2002)

Reamweaver was a group project by The Yes Men, Steev Hise, and Amy Alexander. It was a piece of software that people could download and run on their web servers. Made for the kinder, gentler – and much simpler – web coding of 2002, it probably won’t work very well if you try to use it on a website today. But you can check out some images from sample mirror sites. Here’s how it works – or at least worked:

Reamweaver lets you automatically “funhouse-mirror” anyone’s website – copying the real-time “look and feel” but letting you change any words, images, etc. that you choose. When a visitor visits a page on your Reamweaver site, Reamweaver gets the page from the target domain, changes the words as you specify, and stores the result (along with images, etc.). Use Reamweaver for fun, or, if you like, for lots of fun… by obtaining speaking opportunities on behalf of your adopted organization.

CNN's website, 2002 - original version, and as mirrored by Reamweaver

More samples available at!

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