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November 25, 2009 / uebergeek

Scream (2005)

Scream is a desktop software application that facilitates screaming. More info and software download (Windows only) available at

Update: Scream 2010 in HD!
Scream is back, rocking the desktop with some of today’s hottest windows.

In this episode, our fearless screamer contemplates whether the multimedia envirosphere is an existential void, or whether our windows are simply half empty. (Click thru to YouTube for full frame screaming enjoyment.)

This next one’s got better screaming. But it’s somewhat lacking when it comes to existential angst. An ironic tradeoff? No, I just shot a bunch of these under the apparent delusion that I might “get it right.”

And finally, from 2005, Scream as a tool for music video production:

Catch the original Scream flicks from 2005 at the Scream website.

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