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December 1, 2010 / uebergeek

CyberSpaceLand (2003 – Present)

VJ Übergeek and DJ Donna Maya @ Sonar, Barcelona, 2004

VJ Übergeek performs her psychedelic Textperience visual shows (mis)using a variety of performance gadgets including air mouse, Dance Dance Revolution pad, joystick, and Power Glove. The performances have evolved over the years from the physical comedy of “botimation” (2000 – 2003) to “CyberSpaceLand,” (2003 – Present), a club VJ show. Übergeek has performed with DJ’s and musicians in nightclubs – and occasionally on the street – in North America and Europe.

All of the CyberSpaceLand visuals are made up of results to Google searches that Übergeek types in onscreen. They’re generated in real-time – from software I developed that I can trigger and manipulate in various ways in performance. There’s some chaotic properties built in to the software, so that I don’t know exactly what it’s going to do when I poke at it in a particular way, but I have a sense of it. It’s like a long-time partner that I know pretty well – but never completely.

The VJ Übergeek Textperience – Live in Eindhoven, November 2010
CyberSpaceLand VJ set at Funware exhibition opening, MU.

VJ Übergeek Showreel 2010 – Sneak Preview

An excerpt of VJ Übergeek’s upcoming new showreel. Visuals recorded in studio so you can see them better, but all performed in realtime. (Much easier to see all the text if you watch it full frame on YouTube.)

Punctuation’s Revenge – Special CyberSpaceLand Bonus Clip! 2010

The oft-neglected punctuation marks have finally sought revenge on Übergeek and those pesky CyberSpaceLand narratives. Performed live in-studio, with no edits:

VJ Übergeek Showreel (2007)
In the first part of the video, you can see a bit of VJ Übergeek’s CyberSpaceLand performance with some of her gadgetry: Body-mounted keyboard, air mouse, gamepad, and Dance Dance Revolution Pad (not shown here, but occasionally stomped on in a not very-dancelike manner. Übergeek’s dancing has happily come along a bit since ’07.)

The second part of the video shows some screen captures of the Übergeek performance, as it was in ’06/’07.

What? You *still* want more???

You want to see CyberSpaceLand performing with hip hop? Check out this high octane clip of VJ Übergeek with LEIF(kolt) and Dr. Nickel. (I especially like the texts in this one, so try to watch it big…)

Or how about Übergeek’s Fancy Footwork in this exclusive Dance Pad Solo clip. Or maybe you want to see Übergeek as an escaped office worker performing on the streets of Aberdeen, Scotland. Or perhaps you’re looking for this clip of Übergeek rockin’ out in performance. You can also just visit your friendly neighborhood Vimeo or YouTube Übergeek channel and dig through a whole slew of randomly organized videos.