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Übergeek @ DOM Center, Moscow, 2002

Amy Alexander (me) – aka VJ Übergeek & Cue P. Doll – is a new media artist / performer / professor. Well, that’s the general idea…

Since I’ve already got a “serious” portfolio site at, why do I need another one? includes – with a couple of exceptions – almost everything I’ve done since the mid-90’s. Including texts, net art, etc. My idea for this site was to put together a quick n’ dirty buffet of just a few. (Appetizing, eh?)  It’s also easier to post videos here than on my regular site. So most of the projects that have videos of one sort or another are here.

The result is it’s a particular but somewhat-accidental cross-section of my work. I guess that’s as good/bad a justification as any. So here we go…